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    Hyperion Enterprise Reporting Error

      I'm new to Hyperion Enterprise and Hypeion Enterprise Reporting. While exploring the reporting portion of it in Hyperion Enterprise reporting" I unintentionally made some setting change which has resulted in period dimension in POV showing *error*. Rest of the dimensions are displaying properly but this has resulted in reports not displaying anything. Can anyone guide me on how to undo this. Thanks in advance for your help.
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          Hi Jay,

          This is basically due to a Proper Frequency is not set in the POV.

          And easy way would be to log in to Enterprise and click on Reports module and open the report and check if you are able to view the data.
          If so make a note of the POV and making a note of the POV should be done in the Enterprise Reports module, the reason why is when you open the POV in the Enterprise reports module it would open the POV the similar way it opens in the Hyperion Enterprise reporting.

          Make a note and write it down exactly as it is being displayed in the Enterprise > Reports module POV.

          Hope this helps,

          Thank you,
          Charles Babu J
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            Thank You Charles. It was indeed the frequency that was giving me trouble. I had changed it by mistake.