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    Cursor problem with scroll area number issue

      Hi all,my question is how to set cursor position at different row in scroll area and the number '2 of 2' changes at the same time?

      For example, in the scroll area, there is one required field within row in scroll area. When I miss to fill value of this field of the second row and then I scroll back to the first one. when I am trying to save. (1)The error message would be there said please enter value for the required field and (2)the ‘Cursor’ position should flash in the field of second row and (3)the number on the scroll area should be ‘2 of 2’ instead of ‘1 of 2’. I could solve (1) and (2). About (3), I do not have idea. I used SetCursorPos() in two ways, but it is not enough to solve my (3) problem.

      There is no error in the following code, I just cannot change the number ‘2 of 2’ when the cursor display at second row. Please help me out :)

      &recAR_IPAC_DETAIL_TRY.GetField(@("field." | &fieldreq)).SetCursorPos(%Page);

      SetCursorPos(%Page, Record.AR_IPAC_HDR, CurrentRowNumber(1), Record.AR_IPAC_DETAIL, &IDTL_NBR, @("AR_IPAC_DETAIL." | &fieldreq));