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    JDE BSSV error during checkin


      I configured JDE E1 Demo Standalone In order to develop some BSSV tests. I'm using E1 9.0/Tools 8.98 and I'm following this tutorial: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/jde-bssv-database-business-service-131800.pdf

      I already finished the example, my published service is working inserting into the example table using the test class (a Main java class). The problem is when I try to check in the objects I always get a checkin error, looking into the logging system I found this error:

      Failed to perform action on Java Jar.

      Action: Failed to copy JAR.
      From Location: C:\E900\DEMO\java\source\oracle\e1\bssv\J55911Z1\J55911Z1.jar
      To Location: E900\OMW\java\sbfjars\J55911Z1.jar

      The path in From Location property is ok but the J55911Z1.jar does not exists, I think it could be a JDeveloper miss configuration but I can't found the problem. Im using JDev
      Does anyone knows whats happening?

      Thanks in advance.