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    Problem with endeca typeahead

      Hi ALL,

      I have implemented typeahead feature from endeca, I have lots of dimension and need to implement WildCard enable for some selected dimensions only.
      for that i have configure Wildcard enabled for some dimension only but didn't get result proper.

      Category > Camera
      Brand >Cannon

      What i want if i searched Ca* then both dimesion will be display, but not getting.Then i have Configuted Wildcard enabled from Dimension Search Configuration editor

      Now i am getting proper result means when i searched Ca* then getting both dimensions.

      But i don't want to enabled Wildcard search for all dimension.

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Sunil N
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          Pravin Chikhale
          Hi Sunil,

          You can use DI parameter to enable search on only those dimension that you want to use while firing endeca query. Just provide dval ids for selective dimension concatenated with + .

          But this won't work if you have enabled compound dimension search option while indexing data.


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            Girish V U
            Hi Sunil,

            I am newbie in Endeca and wanted to understand how we can implement type-ahead search in endeca , is it possible for you to give me some heads-up on how we can do that or any starting point or how you have done it.

            Thanks :),
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              I am sure you have build your TypeAhead solution by now but am adding this for posterity. TypeAhead can mean different things to different people but in simple/googlesque sense, it is predictive search that anticipates what the user is trying to search before they search the records. With Endeca you can use Dimension Search to search the dimension values of some or all dimensions and present Navigation Refinement shortcuts.  TypeAhead search is expected to be superfast as you perform a query after every word that the user types.  Dimension Search is typically magnitudes of order faster than record search and works best for this purpose.  Make sure that you offer TypeAhead suggestions only after the user has entered a few characters (3 is the norm) and add a dellay of a few milli-seconds between your queries.