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    Application Module in OAF

      Hi All,
      I am new to OAF,i need to know the detail of following method.


      And also i need know where i can find information about various methods,inteface,class definition which is used in OAF programming parts.

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          Hi Babu,

          Application module is a container for Entity object and view object ( EO , VO) , altogether we call it as
          BC4J Component ( Business component 4 java ) .

          The below code will get the instance of application module

          OAApplicationModule am = oapagecontext.getApplicationModule(oawebbean);

          Below are some of the usage of Application module instance ( am )

          1 )
          am - can be used for calling user defined method from controller class using

          am.invokeMethod("method name",parameter list ) ;

          2 )

          to get the OADBTransaction

          OADBTransaction txn = (OADBTransaction)am.getOADBTransaction();

          You will find methods , packages , class , interface etc ....in every patch of jdeveloper .

          ( when you unzip the patch you will find three folder like - Jdevhome , Jdevdoc , Jdevbin )

          select : Jdev Doc - > index.html - > click on any of the following link


          a ) OA Framework Release 12.1.2
          b) Business Components for Java (BC4J) 10.1.3
          c) UIX
          d) AOL/J
          e) eCaching Framework
          f) Oracle JDBC 10g

          With more practice you will learn while working in Jdeveloper how to call the built in methods /libraries / classes .

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            Hi Keerthi,
            Thanks for replying my post