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    atg.service.pipeline.PipelineInitializationException: Cannot find

      Hi Guys,

      could you please suggest me the fix for below issue.

      I tried up to this.,

      1. Created a testpipeline.xml with chain name and link of respective processor.
      2. Created a testpipelinemanager.properties
      3. Included the testpipeline.xml to the testpipelinemanager.properties at property
      definition file.
      4.for testing purpose, weather the processor executing or not:
      1. written a droplet
      inside service method calling the getTestpipelinemanager().runprocess("chainname", map);

      while executing this getting below error:

      ERROR [nucleusNamespace.] Unable to start service "/com/testpipelinemanager": atg.nucleus.ServiceException: atg.service.pipeline.PipelineInitializationException: Cannot find configuration file at: [testpipeline.xml

      Thanks in advance.