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    Initial load of data to UCM for Customer Hub PIP


      What is the recommended approach to have XREF tables populated during an initial load to UCM (via EIM), when the Accounts already exist in Siebel CRM?

      Our approach as of now, using EIM, is as follows:
      1) Set required customer information in EIM_UCM_ORG
      2) Look up the customer's existing Row_ID in Siebel, and populate EIM_UCM_ORG.EXT_SYSTEM_NUM and EIM_UCM_ORG.UCM_EXT_ID) accordingly
      3) Run the EIM job and UCM Batch Process to import the customer into UCM

      The account then appears in UCM with the correct reference to siebel/row_id under the "external account IDs" tab. HOWEVER, it also contains a reference to a newly created duplicate record for that account in Siebel. Looking at the xref tables, there is no reference to the existing Siebel/row_id specified in the EIM batch load, and our hypothesis is that this is the reason the account cannot be found (and a duplicated is created). What we want to achieve here is to tell UCM that the accounts we are inserting do infact already exist in Siebel CRM, and can be identified by the row_id that we pass along.

      The relevant system versions are Customer Hub PIP 11g with AIA 3. Siebel CRM and Siebel UCM are on patch (and pertinent ACRs have been incorporated in the two Siebel instances).

      Any hints or suggestions on how to approach this would be appreciated


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