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    JRockit Mission Control Client - Customizing Hot methods

      Hi ,

      I am using JRockit Mission Control to check if there are any performance improvements that can are possible in our applications(Fusion Financials). I am taking the recordings and trying to analyze them. Two things I observed that are preventing better analysis in identifying performance issues

      1. On the Code->Hot Methods tab, generally the methods are from the standard java api or from the jvm. But they might called from some applications/tech stack code. To determine if the calls originated from fusion apps code, we need to expand each of the listed predecessor to an nth level (>20 or so sometimes) and check if any fusionapps code is calling it. This is quite cumbersome. I tried customizing the flight recorder client for the Hot methods. I was able to change the expanded tree depth to 100 so that the stack traces are opened till 100th level by default. I tried enabled Filtered property for 'Sample Count'. After doing this, the filter is in effect but I need to enter some value on the filter to see the records. If we select 'Trace' for the filter and enter search string, the search is performed only on the top method of the stack trace but not on the entire tree. Is it possible to have search on the entire stack? (Say I want to search for oracle.apps.financials across the stacks for the method.)

      2. Operative set: Once operative set is chosen on Weblogic tab, the same is reflected on the Events tab as well. But on other tabs like Code, Memory, the same operative set is not in effect. Vice versa is also true. Is there anyway to have a single operative set across the tabs?

      Siva Rajesh