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    PCL question - not sure where this question fits

      We have several PL/SQL packages that are strickly for outputting data, that use PCL code to print the data in certain areas on a page, for those clients who have pre-printed form stock.

      We currently have an issue where we need to change one of the packages to use a proportional font, rather than fixed-font. Those familiar with PCL know the difficulty of trying to maintain decimal alignment when outputting currency in a column.

      I am looking for a better way of doing this process and am wondering what other developers are using to output data that is placed in specific locations onto preprinted paper stock, such as checks with check stubs, 1099 forms.

      We also allow a client to design their own forms by specifying the X,Y position of field labels and data. However, we do not allow them to choose their own font types and this is currently restricted to use Courier type font.