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    How to be sure if webdav is enabled in Oracle UCM?

      Hello all.

      I know it is a silly question, but I need to know: how can I be sure if webdav is enabled and working OK?

      These are my specs:
      Windows 7 64 bits
      Desktop Integration Suite 64 bits
      Oracle UCM 11g in a Linux Machine

      Using Desktop Integration I can create folders and add content with metadata. Everything is OK. But I need to create 5 folders in UCM using the webdav protocol because they will receive content from Desktop Integration, using Windows Explorer. Do I just create them and they will be in the webdav protocol?
      The folders_g and corewebdav components are enabled.

      I'm very confused about this.
      When I tried to access the UCM through this link:

      Nothing happens. But when I use this:

      I got "Autentication Failed in Content Server. It is not possible to open the folder".

      Thanks for all. And sorry again.