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    OEM 12c E-Business Suite Plugin Issue

      Hello All,
      I am currently new to OEM 12c, and I have the latest version installed and running, Version So far everything has been running great, and agents have been downloaded and deployed with little to no issues. However, I am now trying to deploy the E-Business Suite Plug-in to the Management Server first, and I receive an error:

      Stop management server     
           November 1, 2012 2:28:25 PM CDT     November 1, 2012 2:28:40 PM CDT     DeployPluginOnPrimaryOMS     emctl.log

      When I look further, I see this in the logs:

      Starting Prereq check..

      Performing Pre config module

      Performing Check required patch

      Checking mandatory patches for plugin : oracle.apps.ebs:

      Performing Pre metadata registration

      Performing Pre SQL registration

      Registering plugin SQLs. Reg file is /u01/software/Middleware/oms/sysman/admin/emdrep/plugininfo/pluginDepList

      Completed Prereq check

      Starting Deployment

      Invoking pre deploy callbacks.

      OMS state could be found. It is up

      Stopping OMS.

      EM-04001: Server side Plug-in deployment failed with message Error while stopping Management Server on host <company.com>: Unable to stop OMS.. Contact Oracle Support*

      EM-04026: Server side Plug-in deployment failed due to previous errors. Check log file /u01/software/Middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/pluginca/plugindeployment_33/configplugin_all_2012-11-01_14-28-12.log on host <company.com> for more details_*

      Performing Opss deconfig

      Performing Midtier deconfig

      Removing synonyms from EMRUNTIME schema

      Removing Plugin's DB objects.

      Stopping OMS

      Starting OMS

      OMS Started successfullyDiagnostic log file: /u01/software/Middleware/oms/cfgtoollogs/pluginca/plugin_deployment_33/configplugin_all_2012-11-01_14-28-12.log
      For help type emctl plugin deploy -help

      I can't seem to find any helpful info on the errors concerning EM-04001 and EM-04026. I did see that there was a bug fix which was required, bug number 13242773. But reading the ReadMe says this is only for OEM version

      So, my question is, has anyone run into this problem, or have any suggestions on how to get this plug-in deployed successfully?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Angelo Rosado-Oracle

          I haven’t run into the same errors you have reported but, let me share with you our recommended way of installing E-Business Suite Plug-in. Start by referencing our “Getting Start” MOS note 1434392.1it contains all the required patches, certification details, and related documentation. Once you are ready to perform the install start out by reviewing Chapter 2 - Installing the Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite of our Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite Guide Release Here is a direct link -http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e28715.pdf

          If after following the above steps you are still encountering errors then open a Service Request with Oracle Support.

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            Thanks for your help. I did go over the documentation, and read a lot of online scenarios, and nothing seemed to point in the direction of what I was looking for. After reviewing the .trc file, scratching my head, going line by line, then trying to manually stop OMS from command line it clicked. OMS was hanging. It would show it stopped, but yet still running. After trying to force stop it, look up the PID to possibly use the kill command, it came down to rebooting the system, which I use as a very last resort. The system came with the OMS running clean. Deployed the plugin and then the agents with no problem.