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    Deploying multiple PIA to WebSphere with Tools 8.51.14 is possible?

      Hi All, please help me to know if multiple PIAs can be deployed to WebSphere with Tools 8.51.14. I am trying to deploy multiple PIAs to ND and make clustering which used to work with WebSphere 5 and Tools 8.48.14.
      I've referred to the doc: Red Paper On Implementing Clustering And High Availability For PeopleSoft [ID 612096.1] in Oracle Support, it doesn't explain if multiple PIAs can be deployed. It just says, add additional sites if required in one of the step.

      For now in TEST environment, as an alternative I've added additional site to existing PIA and made it work. But, I cannot have like this in Production. Please help me with this and share me the link/docs which can be useful.

      Basically, I am looking for a document which explains deploying multiple PIA to Websphere 7 something similar to the document attached to E-WS WebSphere - Cannot modify the context-root of applications. [ID 651335.1] in Oracle Support.

      Saravanan Annamalai

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