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    Free shipping promotion - preview

    Andy Mtz
      Hi everybody

      I am have a problem, I am not sure if there is something in atg to pre-apply promotion. What I am trying to do is offer free shipping, I already set up the promotion and it is working but if the customer current shipping method is "x" and "y" shipping method is free if the order is more than $50, I want to able to know that order might be able to have a free shipping only if the customer changes their shipping method. I can only know if the shipping is zero only when the promotion has been apply, if the current shipping method is not "y", I don't know if the promotion is going to apply. If I did not explain myself very well, please let me know

      Thank you
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          Use closeness qualifier on the shipping promotion to display a message of free shipping if the customer is close to getting a free shipping.
          Read this to understand how to create closeness qualifiers

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            Andy Mtz
            Thank you for your reply Gurvinder. I can't make the closeness qualifier work I am using atg 10 and it is a little bit different, but there is another problem, during the checkout they want to display also the price, if the current shipping method is not the same as it is the promotion, the shipping method that has the promotion will display the original price without the discount, even if the order amount qualifies for that. Do you know something else that can help me?

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              I didnt really get it.
              If you have created a shipping promotion for shipping method Y, then i think half of your job is done.
              All you need is to create a closeness qualifier and add message/banner and attach it to this promotion.

              Write a custom droplet to show this closeness qualifier message only if the shipping method Y is not selected.

              So whenever any shipping method other than ship method Y is selected, if the order price is in particular range as set in the CQ,
              the message will appear.

              Hope this helps!

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                Andy Mtz
                Now I think how can I use that for my problem, your idea is very useful, thank you Gurvinder!