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    Custom Identity Provider

      Hi All,

      I built a custom Identity Asserter for custom tokens based on the docs and examples provided by Oracle. For more details please refer -

      Outlining the basic steps briefly -
      1. Define the MDF (MBean Definition File) XML for the Identity Asserter (SampleIdentityAsserter).
      2. Implement Identity Asserter (Java Class implements AuthenticationProviderV2, IdentityAsserterV2)
      3. Implementation of Callback Handler - this is called by LoginModule to obtain username
      4. Use MBeanMaker to create the MDF (Java Class) and other intermediate files.
      5. Use MBeanMaker to create the MJF (MBean JAR)
      6. Place the MBean JAR @ <WL_HOME>/server/lib/mbeantypes
      7. Restart the Server.
      8. Configure a new Identity Provider using the new 'Type' (loaded from mbeantypes)

      Problem That I am Facing_ -
      The Identity Asserter Class is not invoked when I am passing the user information as Header Variable. Thus, directly taking me to the login page.

      - Thanks