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    Manager Classes in order

      hi all,

      what is the usage of the Manager Classes and when its calling relating with order

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          Nooruddin Shaik
          CommerceItemManager - to create commerceItem and do item level operations.
          OrderManager - to create order and perform its operations

          Similarly other managers like ShippingGroupManager and PaymentGroupManager work on its corresponding shippinggroup and paymentGroup objects.

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            The use of above mentioed manager classes is to call some tools classes for low level operations(operation on repository add, update etc) and we call pipeline method. i.e. To update order we call CartModifierFormHandler.handleSetOrder->CartModifierFormHandler.updateOrder->OrderManager.updateOrder->PipelineManager.runProcess.
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              thank you for your response in ATGCommerceprogramming guide they mentioned like --> The methods in
              this class(OrderManager) are higher level than the methods in OrderTools.

              whats is the meaning of that, is that performing any higher level operations

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                High level operation is nothing but any operation that we want to perform before performing operation in repository by calling tools class(low level operation). For example to update order, In OrderManager class we create some required instance of different components in a sequence (mutrep, transaction blocks , calling pipeline method and various logic ect) and tools class basically have set of methods, each performing particular operation in repository, called low level operation. Calling them in a right sequence is done by ordermanager class. All this operation performed by ordermanager call is known as high level operation.

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