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      Is there any public API to load data into MTL_CYCLE_COUNT_ENTRIES?

      We have a requirement where Item Serials not existing in EBS are getting imported from a 3rd party system to EBS.
      We need to create a Cycle count entry and upload Cycle count quantity = 0 for these entries.
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          Can you check mtl_cceoi_action_pub.import_CountRequest api?

          Please make sure you carry out the following before calling the API.
          1. Create a Cycle Count
          2. Enter a Manual Cycle Count Entry.
          3. Run program "Perform Complete Cycle Count" to generate generate cycle count request
          4. Post the count Entries using the by calling the API using your Script.

          Check the following MOS notes.
          Cycle Count Request Import (MTL_CCEOI_ACTION_PUB API) Fails When Using Serial Number Multiple Per Request [ID 1468453.1
          Cycle Count Api Not Working For Scheduled Counts [ID 786497.1]
          The Cycle Count Open Interface Is Not Working For The Stock In Api [ID 818977.1]
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