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    XIV snapshot to create multiple dev/test instances from Dataguard standby

      I hope this is the right forum...

      I have a development environment that needs regular refreshes from production (located in a different DC). I am planning on using Dataguard to maintain a physical standby (approx 4TBs) on my dev server. I would then like to use that as my source for the regular (every month or two) refresh of my dev databases (3 of), which sit on the same server.

      ASM is used to across all instances.
      All LUNS that are used to build ASM disk groups live on the same IBM XIV storage array.

      My question to the group is "what is the best way to refresh my dev DBs?".

      I would like to leverage XIV snapshots, but I am unsure if this will be possible given the use of ASM. Perhaps if there were discrete LUNs and ASM disk groups for each separate database and for the Dataguard standby this would be possible (snap shot standby, start DB and use nid utility to rename DBs).

      Or should I RMAN from the standby to create/refresh the dev DBs?

      Many thanks.