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    Oracle dataguard startup and shutdown issues

    Meenakshy singh
      I have one doubt regarding dataguard setup in PRDServer and DRServer.plz help me out.
      I need to shut down and restart my Production and DR database for root change password for system reboot.

      I have 2 servers PRDServer and DRServer which are on different machines.
      PRDServer has 3 instance and DRServer has also 4 instance.This two servers has dataguard enabled.

      1.when I shut down my production database,any parameter need to fix in production database before shut down?
      so that logs to be in syncd mode

      2.How do I cross check logs are in Sync in both ProdServer and DRServer?

      3.Befor shutting down the PRDServer,is it necessary to stop all the 3 running instances also?

      4.Before shutting down the PRD server,should I need to stop dataguard?

      5.After shutting down the PRDServer,is it necessary to shutdown DRServer also?
      or no need to shut down DRServer?

      Plz rply as soon as possible.

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