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    Accessing Virtual Box from HOST


      I need to access Virtual Box from my HOST machine. I need to create a ODBC connection on HOST using the ipaddress of the Virtual Box on which Oracle Virtual Appliance is imported. When i go to the gnome terminal on the Virtual Box I dont get any ip address when i type ifconfig.

      Is there a way i can find the ipaddress of the virtual machine/database so that I can access it from my HOST?

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          Dennis Lovelady
          Not sure it will work for you in your current state, but this usually works for me. Enter on a terminal screen:

          arp -a

          Under normal circumstances, you will get a list that looks something like this:

          [root@ovs1 xen]# arp -a
          stora-1.***.com ( at 00:26:f2:db:94:4b [ether] on c0a80000
          ovm.***.com ( at 00:0c:29:5b:05:4b [ether] on c0a80000
          filesrv.***.com ( at 00:0c:29:5e:8d:bd [ether] on c0a80000

          Since you don't see an IP address in ifconfig, I'm not certain if anything useful will return.

          I hope it helps.
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            Yes that doesnt work as well.. I just saw the settings of the Virtual Box and see that the network settings are grayed out and i cant change them. Thanks for your time on this.
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              If your virtual box configuration uses DHCP the IP address comes from your network may be a DSL / MODEM / ROUTER.

              So it depends how do you setup the network interfaces in the virtual box.

              All the other information would be visible when the virtual box is started and you use the operating system command like on unix
              ifconfig -a or Windows ipconfig