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    Using EL in navigation model

      Hi All,

      I am using webcenter portal application. I want to check a condition and based on that condition i want to navigate to the specific page, which i think can be done with a bean call from a commandlink on action attribute.

      May i know how to implement this on Navigation model as i dont know how to call a bean on url field of navigation model. Or possibly is it possible to overide the url field on navigation model with a bean method call in action attribute of command link and navigate to the specific page based on the return attribute.

      We are unable to implement the navigation model in our portal, as we dont know how to overcome this.

      Kindly help us

      S. Muthukumaran
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          Bijesh Krishnadas
          Can you use the visible attribute in the navigation model to achieve your use-case? Based on an EL condition one or the other page link may be displayed.
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            Hi All,

            As i m new to implementing Navigation model, can you please elaborate the above with an example which helps to understand better.

            Thanks a lot.

            S. Muthukumaran
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              Daniel Merchán

              Bijesh is referring to visible attribute of each item of your navigation model:
              <url visible="#{Your EL EXPRESSION}" id="Home"
                      <attribute attributeId="Title" value="HOME" isKey="true"
                      <attribute attributeId="ExternalId" value="defaultMenu" isKey="false"/>
                      <attribute attributeId="Redirect" value="false" isKey="false"/>
              In visible attribute you can invoke a EL Expression (Manage Bean) to determinate if this item is going to be showed in your navigation.

              If it isn't valid for your requeriment please share more details about it.


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