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    Quote Query Issues

      I am working in R12
      When I Query in the quoting sales manager Responsibility i am not able to get the query result Please tell the what profile options are need to add for this .

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          Pradeep Kalyan
          Please let me know the exact navigation and what you are trying to achieve?

          What is the query you are talking about? Please be more elaborate.

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            I am working in R12
            ------->Navigation: Quoting sale manager responsibility---->customer search
            -------->Enter the Quote Name and press seach option its not getting the values .
            ------->And also When i am trying to get the details of a quoting page not able to get the values.

            And i set the following mandatory proifile options for quoting:

            ASO: Category Set
            ASO: Require Service Reference on Add to Quote
            ASO: Filter Service Reference by End Customer
            ASO: Maximum Days in Expiration Date Range
            ASO : Default IB Search Results
            ASO: Enable interMedia Search
            ASO: Enable Credit Check
            ASO: Enable Intermedia Search
            ASO: Automatic Sales Credit Allocation
            ASO: Calculate Projected Commission
            ASO: Enable Defaulting Rule
            ASO: Enable Approvals
            ASO: Enable Line Level Billing
            ASO: Enable Sales Supplement
            ASO: Enable Web Publishing
            ASO: Automatic Sales Team Assignment
            ASO: Create New Customer
            ASO: Enable Submit Button
            ASO: Discounting Privilege
            ASO: Price List Override
            ASO: Modify Sales Credits
            ASO: View Sales Credits
            ASO: Manager Role Access
            ASO: Allow Quantity Updates for Component Item
            ASO: Allow Quantity Updates for Top Level Model Item
            ASO: Allow Skip Approvers
            ASO: Enable Line Type
            ASO: Enable Manual Warehouse Selection
            ASO: Enable Promotional Good Price Override
            ASO: New Quote Security
            ASO: Status Override
            ASO: Update Sales Team
            ASO: Operating Unit Override
            ASO: OM Access
            ASO: Update Customer

            And whether i need to setting any further setup for this .