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    BI Apps - Workflow Task got "invalid identifier" error

    Harish Nunna-Oracle
      Hi All,

      I am loading seeded Projects subject area using DAC client for 11.5.10 container. And my data source is Oracle EBS 11.5.10 only. Few of the workflows tasks got failed. For example: “SDE_ORA_TaksDimension”. When I checked the session logs, its showing as “ORA-00904 " PA_PROJ_ELEMENT_VERSIONS "." FINANCIAL_TASK_FLAG ": invalid identifier” error for few Projects (PA) tables. I have verified in Oracle 11.5.10 database and noticed that the column(FINANCIAL_TASK_FLAG) itself is not there in the table (PA_PROJ_ELEMENT_VERSIONS).
      I have also verified the SDE_ORA_TaksDimension mapping in “SDE_ORA11510_Adaptor” in Informatica PowerCenter Workflow designer, PA_PROJ_ELEMENT_VERSIONS table is having the column ‘FINANCIAL_TASK_FLAG’.

      In other words, there is some discrepancy between available “SDE_ORA11510_Adaptor” and Oracle EBS 11.5.10 database. Could anyone please help me or guide me to resolve this issue?

      Harish Nunna