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    How Should i define no of JOB CLASS?

      Hi All,
      I am using version of oracle. We are supposed to move all the JOBS from DBMS_JOBS to DBMS_SCHEDULER.
           Also want to categorize jobs for running in specific nodes of RAC.
           1.As i know there is no direct utility available for converting DBMS_JOBS to DBMS_SCHEDULER, so i need to write manual scripts for creating the JOBS in SCHEDULER format, Correct me if i am wrong?

           2. Now the challenge to me is how i can devide my jobs(into JOB_CLASS) to point into particular nodes of RAC or should i point all of them into one node only?     I am having 3 node RAC in prod. I am having ~80 running jobs out of which ~25 are specific to report and runs every weekend. And ~35 are specific to STATS GATHERING(of which 10 runs daily and 25 on weekends) on some of the MAJOR tables which runs and rest are application functionality specific. Please let me know how i should design/plan my implementation on RAC?

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