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    US7ASCII to TH8TISASCII without changing source DBMS configuration

      Hi All,

      Hoping someone can help me out

      I am trying to import data from an Oracle 7 server that is using US7ASCII (11g don't have this character set) into an Oracle11g R2 server which is using TH8TISASCII (Thai character set and a superset of US7ASCII) character set.

      Both server is running on window.

      There appear to have some character conversion problem as there are "?" on all Thai character data once the import is finished.

      I can get dmp file from the source server but I have no authority to alter the source dbms's configuration due to their security policy.

      any thoghts on what should be done to make the data show on my the 11g server correctly?


      A Thai DBA newbie