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    Popup performance problem on Linux – Intel Atom


      I am developing touch screen based kiosk application.
      HW: Intel Atom E640 CPU @1.0GHz, SDRAM size 1GB
      OS: Linux Mint 10 (Julia)

      I am using virtual/on-screen keyboard which is based on Popup class (the keyboard is added to Popup content) similar to this:

      [ http://code.google.com/p/fx-onscreen-keyboard/]

      however, once the keyboard is shown the app gets very slow, each click on a button or even move over button takes very long.
      Once the popup is made visible I got this in terminal:

      Can't create transparent stage, because your screen doesn't support alpha channel. You need to enable XComposite extension.

      However, in my xorg.conf I have:

      Section "Extensions"
           Option     "Composite" "enable"

      It is not only my app with this problem I got exactly same message when running Ensamble.jar. The extra-info popup in the search box is problematic.

      My questions:

      How do I enable XComposite extension or manage to get popup perform relatively smoothly?

      In case I need to find another solution for virtual keyb. instead of popup, what that should be? I need possibility to click on keyboard´s buttons and still preserve focus on TextField or HTML input element in WebView. If you were to tackle this problem, what would be your approach to that?
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          Follow up on the XComposite issue with the JavaFX dvelopers by creating a jira request http://javafx-jira.kenai.com

          In the meantime, instead of extending popup, use a Stage to contain the Virtual Keyboard and init the StageStyle as UNDECORATED - then the system won't have to try to deal with alpha blending a transparent stage.
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            Thanks for the answer.

            Well, as far as I know, it is not possible to set a stage ALWAYS ON TOP (or similar property). With the Popup, a user could select/change focus to various text fields and HTML input elements in WebView and the virtual keyboard was still visible.

            I know I could implement onFocus Handler on all my text inputs (incuding within WebView) and bring the stage with keyboard toFront(). However, it is not definitely ideal.

            On the other hand:

            If I insert/remove keyboard to the scene’s layout dynamically, some components will shrinks/expand (imitating showing and hiding keyboard) and the performance is all right – which is good. But it is not ideal either – especially in multi scene environment as it is scene specific.