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    Time Fence

      Hello Gurus,

      My client is using BAAN ERP system. They have a timefence which says that the production plan is frozen for 30 days. They have an item attribute called time fence which is 30 days. No new change in the demand will not be accomodated as the production plan is freezed for 30 days, the system says that it will accomodate only after the 30 days timefence.

      Please help me if my understanding is correct.

      Is this time fence and the explaination that i have given is related to the Planning Time Fence (PTF) that we talk in Oracle.

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          This is how PTF works in Oracle. Say, you defined 30 day as PTF and you have a demand on 10-th day from now. ASCP will recommend the planned order to start only after 30-th day due to PTF. Hope this helps.