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    Problem: Null values in "ref" attributes - c# odp type factory

      Hi folks,

      I'm using the odp.net type factory (class IOracleCustomType and the specific annotations...)
      to map udts to c# classes.

      By now I had no problems with it, because I've never used "ref" attributes within the udts.

      Now I need the use of "ref" attributes within udts but it seems that the odp factory cannot
      handle those references.

      For example:_*

      A Simple Type:
      create or replace type bookcontent_t force as object (
          id number(20)
        , name varchar2(1000)
      *And a collection with references to objects of this type:*
      create or replace type fms_bookcontent_ref_cln force as table of *ref* bookcontent_t;
      The c# class is generated by odp.net.

      When I retrieve data by using odp.net I get a collection with the correct number of
      elements but the values are null.

      What can I do to solve this problem with "ref" attributes/lists? How can I get the referenced object instances?

      Thanks for your help....

      Kind regards


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