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    Webcenter Content queries

      We have a tax requirement to store AR Invoices sent to Customer to be later queried for audit and reprint purposes. These Invoices are generated in PDF format from the ERP source, we will have one huge single PDF file with multiple invoices in it. We are evaluating Webcenter Content IPM module for content management solution and Imaging Portal for basic UI search metadata, view and print. We understand PDF file can be tagged with metadata and stored in repository.

      Have following queries

      1)     OFR - For extracting metadata on PDF we are exploring OFR module. It could be a total custom solution and may involve creating new project, configuration, not sure if its even possible for this req.
      Metadata: Invoice Number, Trx Date, Bill To Customer, Address etc
      If this is not possible, we are evaluating alternate approach to use BiPublisher bursting feature to generate individual Invoice per PDF file, placed in a shared file system, a java program will read these PDF files and query ERP source to get the required metadata by naming unique identifed on filename e.g. <InvoiceNumber>.pdf. This java pgm will use IPM APIs to upload the pdf and metadata.

      2)     IPM Imaging Portal - We heard there is a Aggregator like feature to merge individual PDF files into single PDF file for Viewing and Printing, like to learn more about this

      3)     IPM Imaging Portal – How to enable function security so that only certain functions(Search only page vs Admin privileges) of Imaging Portal are accessible to authorized users. Is it possible to extend this page and have only Search link exposed

      Imaging portal is deployed as

      4)     What are pros and cons of Database vs File store option in UCM, and guidelines on storage for applications partitioned in IPM.
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          pls. see possible answers below

          ad 1) if your question is whether you can use OFR to break one big PDF file to many smaller ones and extract metadata out of them, then the answer is: yes, it is definitely possible. Note that since you work with A/R, OFR might be a bit overkill (your format is known, and perhaps, even modifiable, isn't it?), so WebCenter Capture might be sufficient

          Nevertheless, myself, I would first ask the question: do we need this? You have one system, which out of data produces print-outs and one big PDF file, and now, you intend to construct another one, which will produce out of the big PDF - your original data (plus, the invoices, of course). Wouldn't it make more sense to modify the printing solution, so that it produces also small files with appropriate metadata as well?

          ad 2) never heard of that, nor could find it in the documentation - as for printing, see 5.4.2. in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/user.1111/e12783/c05_viewing.htm#BCGFAGJG (it always mentions a document).

          It is true, though, that UCM has Folios ( http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10978/c09_folios.htm#CSMRC805 ) which have so called renderers, which might represent a single folio as a single representation (e.g. one large PDF). Maybe, you could customize your system and somehow re-use it in IPM.

          ad 3) just read through http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/admin.1111/e12782/c02_security.htm#CDDFFGGH In it contains examples what roles can be defined.

          ad 4) quite often discussed point. See e.g. Database storage vs. File system

          As for partitioning, some kind of chronological approach usually helps. Note that it is very difficult to suggest anything without knowing how many data you have, and what your use cases are.