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    Java Exception in Main/Menu/Reporting Tools/XML Publisher/Report Definition

      Hi ,

      One know this error :

      Java Exception: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: oracle.xml.parser.schema.XSDBuilder.build(Ljava/io/InputStream;Ljava/net/URL;)Loracle/xml/parser/schema/XMLSchema;: during call of com.peoplesoft.pt.xmlpublisher.PSXPXsdUtils.getLevel0ColNames. (2,763) PSXPRPTDEFN_WRK.FUNCLIB.FieldFormula Name:GetBurstFieldValues PCPC:3211 Statement:48
      Called from:PSXPRPTDEFN_WRK.FUNCLIB.FieldFormula Name:SetBurstFieldValues Statement:81
      Called from:PSXPRPTDEFN_WRK.FUNCLIB.FieldFormula Name:LoadReportDefn Statement:660
      Called from:PSXPRPTDEFN_WRK.FUNCLIB.FieldFormula Name:SelectReportDefn Statement:744
      Called from:PSXPRPTDEFN.GBL.PostBuild Statement:36 The noted Java error was thrown during a call of the given method.

      It's if i Add a New Value in the report definition (Peoplesoft 8.5 , CRM ) : No customization in this

      Thanks in advance..