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    Please Help:

      I want To updatable MV So that i want to create EMP1 in one schema and EMP2 in another schema when ever I update on EMP1 it should be get updated in EMP2 is it possible
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          Abhishek Jha -Oracle
          Updatable materialized view is a materialized view created with a "for update" clause, with an internal trigger that executes when a DML is performed on the materialized view.
          It must be a part of a materialized refresh view group that has the same name as the replication group at the master site.
          It must reside on a different database than the master replication group.
          You can go through below Oracle documents or reference which explains in detail.

          Oracle® Database Advanced Replication
          11g Release 1 (11.1)
          Part Number B28326-03
          Refresh of an Updatable Materialized View - an Overview (Doc ID 759196.1)
          How to Create Writeable Materialized Views/Snapshots (Doc ID 189350.1)

          - AJ