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    Workspace issue in EPM

      Hello Experts,

      I have an issue in EPM workspace.I have epm windows 2003 server 32 bit,sql server 2005.I have installed HFM,FDQM,ESSBASE AND Planning
      While I am registering the HFM application it is throwing error like

      Invalid or could not find module configuration

      Required application module hfm.appcontainer is not configured. Please contact your administrator.

      When accessing Workspace > Navigate > Application > Consolidation, 'Consolidation' is shown with a $ symbol ( $Consolidation). It is possible to acces the HFM application using HFM Desktop Client.

      In EPM Diagnostic validation report the following error message appears:

      WARNING WSVR: HFM WebServer FINANCIAL_MANAGEMENT_WEB_APP was found in registry under different host.
      HFMWebServer startup... failed..

      It is urgent please give me a perfect navigation solution.

      Thank's in advance