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    got error when create new category


      when I wanted to create a category problematically, I saw this error:

      atg.repository.RepositoryException: createItem called with id of valid item: category:6552:1
           at atg.adapter.gsa.GSARepository.findItemToUndelete(GSARepository.java:871)
           at atg.adapter.gsa.GSARepository.createItem(GSARepository.java:810)
           at atg.adapter.version.VersionRepository.createItem(VersionRepository.java:1972)
           at atg.adapter.version.VersionRepository.createItem(VersionRepository.java:1201)

      Can anyone give me some hint about what it means?

      Thanks ahead!

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          Nitin Khare
          Looks like an issue related to IdGenerator which sometimes might happen when you try to create items after some data import. You can check the DAS_ID_GENERATOR table in your CA schema and look for the row corresponding to "category" (the id_space_name column would be having item-descriptor names) and for that row you can try to update the seed value to a higher value or try to add a prefix or suffix on it. Restart your server after the changes. See if it helps.
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            Samdani Gulam
            Nitin have already explained , adding to his post

            you can configure your id generator to create the items , like starting number which doesnt conflict with the existing id's .