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    ODI Agent errors

      Hi All,

      My ODI server is Linux. I have the weblogic and manager started, and then started agent.sh got the following errors when agent.sh was started.

      ODI-1436 Error retrieving ID statistics for work repository WORKREP.
      Error occured while computing schedules for work repository [WORKREP]. Error message: ODI-10150 - Work repository ID1 is not bound to master.

      Please let me know, what I need to do to fix this.

      Thanks for your time and help.
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          for standalone agent, you don't even need to start weblogic(including managed server) which hold j2ee agent.
          before run ./agent.sh -NAME -PORT
          you need to configure odiparams.sh, besides those master repository information, eg: ODI_MASTER_DRIVER,
          there is a
          ODI_SECU_WORK_REP= (please use studio to get the work repository name)