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    Any good material for self-teaching of Java Server Faces (JSF) out there?

      Do you have recommendations for self-teaching material about JSF? I have strong programming background, including Java SE, and basics of HTML/CSS.
      I went through the so called Java EE 6 Tutorial, and found it doesn't really explain things to the non-initiated of Jave EE. May be I am the problem, but, e.g., the treatment of the JavaServer Faces Lifecycle is a mean joke to the beginner of JSF who tries to understand it; certainly the writer(s) have a good understanding of the Java EE specs, but they don't even make an effort to explain and teach it. There is so much out there, say, for Ruby on Rails, between on-line resources, books and videos, there must be something useful for JSF as well! Thank you for any suggestion.