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    Migrate Oracle to 11g -appreciate help

      I am currently running oracle in winodws 2003 standard edition 32 bit. I want to move the database to a new windows 2008 R2 64bit server.

      My database is very simple and small with 8gb data (it has 320 tables, 85 views, 40 packages, 54 procedures, 20 functions, 100 triggers and 95 sequences to highlight a few).

      I would like to know what are the best possible options available for a smooth transition of moving the data to a new winodws 2008 64 bit server.


      1. Is it possible to install oracle 64 bit in windows 2008 64 bit server?

      2. If I install oracle 11g 64 bit in winodws 2008 server, how can I move the data from current server 2003 with oracle Is is possible to move the data without upgrading to oracle

      Your help would be highly appreciated.