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    SkillBuilders Modal With Chart

    Gus C
      Using Apex 4.2

      I am trying to open an interactive report in a modal window by clicking a bar in a chart.
      I am trying to use the Skill Builders plugin, but not getting very far.

      Has anybody got an example of how to do this

      Thanks in advance

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          If you do the following with the link portion of the query, you'll see that you can execute JavaScript:
          select 'javascript:alert("hi")' link, ...

          What I would probably do is call a custom function to which I would pass the URL that you want to open:
          select 'javascript:myFunction("apex-url-here")' link, ...

          Then I would use the function to take the URL and make it an attribute of some element in the page. Then, trigger the click event on the element and let the plug-in take over from there.

          If you nee more help please set up an example on apex.oracle.com. Get as far as you can and then put some developer credentials here that we can us to help.


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