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    CC&B Payment receipt - Printing with a non-POS printer

      Hello Experts,

      We are facing 2 issues with the payment receipt functionality in CC&B :

      - Our client want to print those receipt with a desktop printer (non POS). Is it possible to modify extend the printing option offered by CC&B ?

      - We also want to modify the content/format of the receipt. Is it possible to modify it ?

      I havn't found any content about those receipt modification and non-POS printer usage. Do you have any experience about it ?

      Kind Regards
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          Topeng Francisco
          I'm not sure if there is a standard way of doing this, but what you can do is to alter the print button to invoke a UI Map instead that will contain the dynamic values on what needs to be printed, the same JSP that invokes the UI Map will have to call the page print functionality of the browser.

          You can also research on how to automate the print spooling process so you don't need to see the Print option pop up.

          Hope this helps!