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    Problem using apex lib

    Little Foot-Oracle
      Hi all,

      I have installed apex 3.1, on db.
      but am not able to use apex libraries,

      •     GO TO THIS LINK 
      •     Click  download .
      Install into its own APEXLIB schema
      This installation option works with all Oracle APEX versions. 
      Just one copy of the views and packages are installed, they will be accessable for all APEX applications. 
      •     Open a command box. 
      Eg on Windows Start/Execute => cmd
      •     Change into the directory "Scripts" 
      cd Scripts
      •     Connect with SYS to create the APEXLIB schema. See ApexLib_create_apexlib_schema.sql why SYS and not an user with DBA privileges is required. 
      sqlplus "sys/password@database as sysdba"
         (note if u have a exixting tablespace then use that else make 
          a new tablespace using
       Create tablespace <tablespace_name> data file ‘path/<schema_name.dbf>’ size 1024m;)
      •     Execute the following script to create the schema APEXLIB and all the necessary privileges 
      Create new schema :
      Give a password:
      Give a existing tablespace name:
      . Enter the schema name for the ApexLib Framework.
      . eg: APEXLIB or APEXLIB_0101 (ApexLib v1.01)
      Enter value for apexlib_schema_name: APEXLIB
      . Enter the password for APEXLIB schema.
      Enter value for apexlib_schema_password: APEXLIB
      . Enter tablespace for APEXLIB schema.
      . eg: USERS or any other existing tablespace.
      Enter value for apexlib_tablespace: APEXLIB
      . Enter temporary tablespace for APEXLIB schema.
      . eg: TEMP or any other existing temporary tablespace.
      Enter value for apexlib_temp_tablespace: TEMP
           5.Run  all script in datamodel folder 
            connect to the database using APEXLIB/APEXLIB
      6.Execute the following installation scripts: (connected as APEXLIB schema) 
      1.     @ApexLib_install_into_apexlib_schema.sql
      2.     @ApexLib_grant_create_synonyms.sql
      When asked enter PUBLIC
      SQL> @ApexLib_grant_create_synonyms.sql
      Start granting and creating synonyms for the ApexLib Framework to
      . other APEX application schemas.
      . Note: The script executed successfully if you see the prompt
      .       "Script finished."
      . Enter the application schema or PUBLIC to grant and
      . create synonyms for. Eg SCOTT
      Enter value for schema_name: PUBLIC
      7. connect as application schema name 
            connect to the database using your Application Schema
      . Enter the ID of the application: (eg. 104)
      Enter value for add_to_application_id: 102
      ... add application process ApexLib_getGenericResult
      ... add application process ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation
      ... add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_ID
      ... add application item APEXLIB_REFERENCE_TYPE
      ... add application item APEXLIB_ROUTINE_TYPE
      ... add Page 0
      ... add Page0 region: Page 0 - ApexLib - Javascript/CSS
      ... add Page0 region: Page 0 - ApexLib - Before Footer
      ... add Page0 region: Page 0 - ApexLib - Handle Error Page
      ... add Error-Page-Template
      ... add include of ApexLib_Lov.js at Popup LOV Template
      if any errors then follow the follwing steps
      (down from the step 5)
      For faster execution, ApexLib can directly access (select only) the APEX repository tables in the FLOWS_xxx schema
      or it can use the APEX repository views if there are security concerns to grant read access to the FLOWS_xxx tables.
      Note: From APEX 3.2 on tables reside in Schema APEX_xxx
          Fast direct table access (works for all APEX versions)
              Execute the following script:
              Connect with the APEXLIB schema.
              connect apexlib/password@database
              Execute the following script:
          Access through the slower APEX repository views (only works with APEX version > 2.2.x)
              Connect with the APEXLIB schema.
              connect apexlib/password@database
              Execute the following script:
              For 3.x and 4.x:
              For 2.2.x:
      then step 7
      everything went fine, even page 0 is available, but not able to use cascade lov.

      i have done the same thing few months ago, it went fine with no errors/problems(complete installation from scratch).

      Any suggestions...,

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          can you tell a little more about how "doesn't work" looks like?

          Are there any error messages in the Javascript Console?

          What does the Debug-Output tell you?



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            Little Foot-Oracle

            Hi Peter,


            I have tried with again uninstalling and re installing the apex 3.1 and then the libraries.., this time it went properly with the expected results. thanks for the support.


            Thanks and Regards,