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    Problem with target in BCC

      Hi all,

      I am using ATG 10.1.1 and I have an issue while creating new target in BCC. The exception is:
      /atg/targeting/TargetingForEach<Nov 5, 2012 11:21:25 AM BRST> <Error> <HTTP> <BEA-101020> <[ServletContext@3332
      8389[app:atg_publishing_lockserver.ear module:AssetManager path:/AssetManager spec-version:null]] Servlet failed with Exception
      javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: The class 'atg.multisite.session.MultisiteSessionNameContext' does not have the property 'repositoryName'.
              at javax.el.BeanELResolver.getBeanProperty(BeanELResolver.java:547)
              at javax.el.BeanELResolver.getValue(BeanELResolver.java:249)
              at javax.el.CompositeELResolver.getValue(CompositeELResolver.java:143)
              at com.sun.el.parser.AstValue.getValue(Unknown Source)
              at com.sun.el.ValueExpressionImpl.getValue(Unknown Source)
              Truncated. see log file for complete stacktrace
      I don't know what is the property 'repositoryName'. Does anyone can help?

      Thanks a lot
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          Nitin Khare
          Never encountered this. But it could be the repercussion of another exception or error so putting in some general thoughts. Check in the server logs about any other exceptions or errors reported before you encounter this. Also, check if your server startup (specifically the ATG repositories, services and other components which are started) is clean. If all is fine then look at the complete stacktrace of the exception. It can give you an idea of involved component and then you may check at the config layers which are coming into picture for that component on your BCC server for any unwanted configuration.
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            Hi Nitin Khare,

            I checked the logs and the components. I don't have other exceptions.
            Just the error I pasted in the first post.

            Another ideas?

            Thanks in advance
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              Nitin Khare
              Are you still getting the same error or was it just one off thing? Another observation I have is if you look at the module reported in the error posted:

              module:AssetManager path:/AssetManager...

              AssetManager web-app is part of the ATG's AssetUI module which contains the stuff related to managing versioned repository assets. Some of the main functionality it provides are like asset picker, different type of property editors etc. AssetManager won't be containing anything related to the target creation because that is based on ATG's portal framework and is served from bizui and PubPortlet. So we first need to know the exact scenario where you are encountering this issue because to me the exception doesn't seem to be related to the problem reported. You might want to check if there are multiple BCC sessions to the same server which you are connected and something went wrong in any of those.