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    Issue in validating @To_Date function in Calc manager

      Hi All,

      I am trying to calculate a fact account using ToDate function in Calc Manager (Hyperion for Planning project requirement.The script is getting executed successffully in Essbase but not getting validated in Calc Manager.Below is the sample codelet,

      (actual code involves further calculations)

      spendtime = @TODATE("dd-mm-yyyy" ,@CONCATENATE ("01-01-",@NAME(@CURRMBR("SYears"))));

      error is:
      Error in: Rule:Rule_time
      Validation error from planning server 'http://xyz:8300/HyperionPlanning/servlet/HspAppManagerServlet'.
      'Error:Unable to resolve UDA, attribute member or dimension member with value, name or type "dd-mm-yyyy" Rule Rule_time'

      I am unable to validate the simple @ToDate function,It seems that Calc Manager validator is interpreting "dd-mm-yyyy" as dimenion or member name instead of format.

      please suggest any workaround .