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    Remove local repository auth - add ldap instead


      having problem with the auth with SGD 4.7 (Solaris).
      I want to authorize all users in ldap.
      Before the server was setup as a ldapclient, I had the user locally (/etc/passwd and shadow) in that server to be able to use an terminal-window via SGD. Now, when the server is setup as a ldapclient properly, I want to remove the Unix auth for that user.
      The user is removed from passwd and shadow-file.

      I cleared all entries in the password cache for that user but when trying to start the terminal again, a login window appear. Why? It tries to verify pw against /etc/passwd and shadow.

      The Tarantella service is restarted and the server rebooted.

      So, where can I delete the old local repository info for a specifik user?

      I still want to use local for root (Admin) login.


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          Removing SGD from the mix can the ldap user log directly into the server with SSH? (assuming the SGD server itself is authenticating against LDAP on an OS level not just for SGD to provide access to Windows applications (where LDAP credentials are checked and then passed over for seamless logon).

          Bit more info on the set up would be helpful to help please.