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    JRockit and prefer-application-packages

      We encountered an issue with JRockit and weblogic 10.3.5. Here are the details:

      1. Trying to enable EL 2.2 (for JSF 2).
      2. Enabled it the way specified in this blog:
      3. Works perfectly fine when "Sun's JDK 1.6".
      4. When we switch to JRockit, we get "java.lang.ClassNotFoundError: javax.el.ExpressionFactory".


      1. set el-api-2.2.jar in PRE_CLASSPATH in setDomainEnv.bat/sh
      2. Put in prefer-application-packages "<package-name>com.sun.el.*</package-name>" (removed <package-name>java.el.*</package-name>).

      It's little surprising that it works fine in Sun's JDK, but Jrockit does not honor the prefer-application-packages for javax.el.*.

      Does anybody knows the cause for this?