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    Spec Admin Roles in SCRM

      Hello all,

      I am hoping someone can help me out with this question.
      We are currently adding additional facilities to our system. We are attempting to run our SQF Audit Approvals through SCRM Spec Related and Non-Spec Related Sourcing Approvals.
      We have created a workflow for each spec-related and none spec related SA. Including the following roles;

      Spec Related

      Non-Spec Related

      Our problem is that our users can not access Spec Related Sourcing Approval that have already been created previously. How do we get them access to the Approval so they can resolve the workflow and pick up the new workflow without having to do it for every Sourcing Approval as an admin?

      They can not get into the Sourcing Approval either going through References Tab or directly searching in SCRM.

      We are also concerned about security as we have a facility that we cannot grant these users access to and if we give spec admin to them will that give them access to the off limits facility.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Dana and Laura
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          Jessie C-Oracle
          Hi Dana and Laura

          I think the reason why the newly created users are not able to access to existing SAC/non-SAC is because he doesn't have the read permission of this SAC/non-SAC. Since you want to reslove wfa, you also need to have edit permission to this SAC/non-SAC.

          you could try the following steps:
          1, check the current workflow, remember which group has read/write permission,
          2, make sure the newly created user is added to those groups you've noticed in first step,which can grant this user read/write permission to the SAC/non-SAC.

          Hope this can solve your problem.

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