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    IPMP with VLANs

      Hi All

      Am trying to get my head around the new network config on Solaris 11.

      I have 3 interfaces which access 2 VLANS (let's say 1 & 2).

      For each VLAN, I wish to setup an IPMP failover connection, so that's 2 IPMP groups per NIC.

      Do I have to create a Virtual NIC for each VLAN and add them to the IPMP groups respectively?

      I'm attempting to understand the order of things here, since it also seems possible to add a 'blank' NIC to an IPMP group and still assign an IP address to it.

      If anyone has any advice regarding the correct order (not a hand holding exercise just a point in the right direction) to set this up I'd be most grateful. (: