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    Create component for target rules

      Hi all,

      I have a requirement that is: I have to create a target that willl show one banner to user just when the user have a specific product in the shopping cart.
      In BCC I couldn't find any rule for this, so I think that I need to create a custom component for this that returns the id's of the products in the shopping cart.

      I am using ATG 10.1.1.

      Some help?

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          karthik chopperla
          Create a scenario and slot which says
          Event: " Add prod123 to cart " Action : " Populate slot123 with banner/image"

          Slot: Create media slot which holds images.

          Display the slot above the cart.

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            Nitin Khare
            One approach can be by using a user defined property in profile to access the cart product Ids.

            You can always refer to user's current cart through /atg/commerce/ShoppingCart.current and since you need to access the product-Ids in the current cart for targeting rule so you can probably add a transient user defined property (let's say cartProductIds) in the profile which holds the product-Ids present in cart. So in userProfile.xml you would have:
            <item-descriptor name="user" ...>
              <property name="cartProductIds" property-type="com.mycompany.myapp.CartProductsPropertyDescriptor">
                <!-- if required pass additional attributes & values to your PropertyDescriptor implementaion -->
                <attribute name="attrib1" value="value1"/>
                <attribute name="attrib2" value="value2"/>
            CartProductsPropertyDescriptor is your custom PropertyDescriptor implementation which will be extending RepositoryPropertyDescriptor. Within which the getPropertyValue() method implementations can resolve to /atg/commerce/ShoppingCart.current to get the product-Ids. Having the property in profile will allow you to use it in the targeter and you can define the targeter RuleSet as:

            This Content ...
            To These People +People whose {  cartProductIds includes PRODUCT_IDs_YOU_WANT_TO_CHECK  }+
            At These Times ...
            Under These Conditions ...

            During targeter rule set's execution, profile's getPropertyValue() for "cartProductIds" property will actually invoke your CartProductsPropertyDescriptor's getPropertyValue() to return the product-Ids contained in shopping cart.
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