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    Extracting data from an XML Instance generated by an Applet

      HI Gentlemen,

      I am reading a file from a German Health Card eGK, which yields the following schema-based XML instance document:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-15" standalone="yes"?>
      <UC_PersoenlicheVersichertendatenXML CDM_VERSION="5.1.0" xmlns="http://ws.gematik.de/fa/vsds/UC_PersoenlicheVersichertendatenXML/v5.1">
                      <Strasse>Leipziger Str.</Strasse>
      It now seems to be pertty-printed, however in fact there are no Newline characters embedded. Now I must extract the data contents of the document, and assign them to corresponding fields on a .jspx JDeveloper page. Can anyone recommend me a simple and safe method to do this? Extracting could occur in the Java Applet responsible for reading the card, thereby communicating only meaningful data to the .jspx page, with tags already cut off.

      Many thanks in advance, regards:

      Miklos HERBOLY