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    Stateless EJB Webservices vs Endpoint.publish() API for a production system


      I am currently designing an SOA JEE application using JAX-WS Webservices for the synchronous calls and JMS (MDB) for asynchronous access.
      It is packaged in a EAR containing one EJB module (no WAR), so I decided first to publish the Webservices using the javax.xml.ws.Endpoint.publish() method via the Spring org.springframework.remoting.jaxws.SimpleJaxWsServiceExporter. It's working very well and I can inject easily spring beans into my JAX-WS webservice, .. but :
      - I cannot see the published webservices in the Weblogic console
      - I have no idea on how the webservices instances are handled (just one ? )
      - Is it robust enough to be used in production in a critical financial application ?

      On the other hand, I just have to add a @Statless annotation to turn my JAX-WS classes into real EJB-Webservice aware, but it probably adds overhead in the Weblogic server and it's a bit more complicated to inject Spring resources.

      Any advice will help.