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    O2A - Sending extensible attributes from OSM COM to OSM SOM

      I have a role of Oracle Senior OSM Consultant in an important RODOD implementation going on in a tier 1 client and I would like to understand one of the use cases implemented in the O2A cartridges, regarding the communication of extensible attributes between OSM COM and SOM.

      The scenario that we have is the following one:

      1. During the fulfillment of our COM order, some information is added to our order lines as extensible attributes under the WorkLineItemData structure.
      2. When the services are ready to be provisioned, we send the order lines to SOM using the ProvisionOrderFunction order component with no customization.
      3. In SOM, we see that the order lines include only the extensible attributes already available in the Siebel order. All the information added to the line items during OSM COM fulfillment is not sent from COM to SOM.

      Before going under customization, I would like to understand if there is any reason (a use case) for O2A not to send the information added to the line items during OSM COM fulfillment (extensible attributes under WorkLineItemData) to SOM.

      Technical note: I've checked the O2A 7.0.3 implemented code and it seems that both Siebel line item and control data order item (with the updated WorkLineItemData) are available in the function that constructs the EBM sent to SOM, but only Siebel line item is used (provisionorderfn:createDoProvisionOrderLineItem in ProvisionOrderInteractionModule.xquery).