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    User Cannot See New Data Form

      I created a new data form for a user in Hyperion Planning In Assign Access, I added both the user and the group he belongs to, to data form. Still, the user cannot see the data form in his list. The user has signed out, signed back in, cleared his cache, whole nine yards, still nothing. User can see the other forms that were originally created a while back. There is no data level security implemented for this application.

      Did I miss a step?
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          Can this be said of any user that you try to add to this form, and for any other form? (ie try giving access to a user for a form that already exists).

          Something similar happened to us a while back (, which was affecting Business Rules too (adding security access to newly created or existing BRs was not being reflected in Planning).

          A restart of servers sorted this issue for us, although we didnt bother delving into logs to see what was the original cause.

          Might be worth trying a restart if you cant see why this is happening...