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    Calling method from one class to another

      Good afternoon guys!

      I'm doing a report in the Swing interface using a directory to create a JTree with the reporting hierarchy and I have to put in each report some JComboBox as filters.

      I want to put these filters in a class and when I select a specific report and a button, the panel with my filters appear in a main panel already implemented in my main class, so I think it would have to have a method of filters in a another class.

      I wish I had something like this:


      Could someone give me a hint, I'm late with this company's work!
      Thank you!

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          I am not sure what you are saying from your statement, but:

          You can include any level of chaining calls to classes as you want to get the desired result as long as your caller has visibility to the object you need. You will need to implement the filters, and then call them from the object that will use it. That object can in turn be called and instansiated in a higher level of objects.

          If this does not help, I'll need more of descripiton of what you need to be more helpful.

          If you're looking for someone to code you an answer---it isn't going to happen.